Friday, July 20, 2012

Gorditas de Pollo

This is one of the dishes my kids loves to eat all the time. I also love them because they are very easy to make and I can filled them up with so many different fillings. This time I will share with you my recipe for "Chicken Gorditas."

The gorditas are made with corn masa, I use Maseca which you can find at most of the super markets in the flour section. Following the instructions in the package I mixed 4 cups of corn flour (Maseca) with 2 1/2 cups of chicken broth mixed with some salsa. I use the chicken broth I have left after broiling the chicken breast I will use as the filling because I like the corn masa (flour) to have some flavor.
After mixing the corn flour with the chicken broth I started to form the gorditas by grabbing some masa and pressing it down with my hands to create a thick flat tortilla shape. They have to be thick because we will cut them from the side to fill them up with the chicken. I do not fry my gorditas, I prefer to put them in a very hot skillet and take them out when they are toasted in both sides. You need to turn the gorditas in both sides in the hot skillet. When they are done take them out and carefully cut them on the side with a knife only half way.

For the chicken filling I broiled 3 chicken breasts and cut the chicken in small pieces after cooked. In a hot skillet I added some olive oil with 3 cut plum tomatoes, 2 small onions and one serrano pepper. When the vegetables start to soften up I added the chicken and mixed them together. You can add salt and pepper to your taste.

Now you are ready to fill the gorditas and ENJOY !!!! You can also add some fresh salsa and sour cream when you serve them.

My kids also love when I just filled them up with cheese or a delicious mixture of poblano peppers, onions and cream. The combinations are endless and you will love to eat them too.
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